Felipe Pantone: CONTACTLESS

Albertz Benda, a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Chelsea, is days away from finishing up a show on the most ambitious work of Felipe Pantone: Contactless. This provocative exhibition challenges all notions of perception and can be viewed both in person and virtually until August 28th, 2020.

The art of Felipe Pantone is often a meditation on the variety of ways in which we as observers process and consume visual information in the built environment. Perceptual changes of the work are designed to occur as the viewer’s position moves within space. Several of the works that Pantone produced were also conceived with intent for physical interaction through human touch.

This encouraged form of audience engagement has been studied in advance with 3D modeling technology before ultimately being translated into paintings and sculptures.

“These days, we spend a lot of time behind our screens, I believe in finding new ways of digitizing the physical world as it is experienced through our devices. Why rely only on photography or video when there are new technologies available that can take us closer to the real experience? We’re working with the cutting edge of web technology. These aren’t mock-ups or 3D renders, but a way of faithfully experiencing how the artworks will function in real life through our mobile devices.”

-Felipe Pantone

To visit each work through a virtual exhibition CLICK HERE. You can also find more information about the exhibition on instagram @albertzbenda @felipepantone

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