Morandi, a creation by Keith McNally in 2007, is still bustling like the doors just opened. Situated at the nexus of Charles and Waverly Place, it has a magnetic way of steering people in. The lovely outdoor seating sprawls onto the street creating a beautiful  spectacle of Italian Fare.

Morandi Exterior, Photo: David A. Palmieri

The interior is extremely lively and always buzzing into the evening. Within the space you can find petite wooden tables, thatched bottles of Chianti and gleaming brick walls illuminated by ambient lighting. The service is outstanding and carefully orchestrated by the maestro Roberto. If you’re lucky he’ll share an Italian anecdote between courses. When it comes to wine Morandi presents a fantastic selection. Pair a great glass with the prosciutto & cheese charcuterie board.

Charcuterie Board, Photo: David A. Palmieri
Charcuterie Board, Photo: David A. Palmieri

The Tagliatelle alla bolognese is a standout item on the menu. Egg pasta is cooked to perfection and swimming triumphantly in a classic Italian meat sauce. The Fried eggplant is also delicious with seared smoked mozzarella & roasted pepper tomato sauce.

The Tagliatelle alla bolognese, Photo: David A. Palmieri
Melanzane fritte con peperonata e scamorza, Photo: David A. Palmieri

Morandi has a number of fresh fish offerings. One of the most notable is the Orata alla griglia, which is a grilled whole sea bream soaked in lemon-oregano oil. The Fritto misto di pesce is another tasteful item made up of fried calamari, shrimp & fish.

Orata alla griglia, Photo: David A. Palmieri
Cavatelli al Prosciutto, Photo: David A. Palmieri

The Cavatelli cant be missed and is made with a saffron scented pasta in prosciutto ragù & smoked mozzarella. Save some room for dessert and a powerful cappuccino. The Torta Torinese contains a mouth watering chocolate hazelnut cake and gelato. The Ricotta Fritters covered in cinnamon sugar & pine nuts will leave you walking out the door satisfied.

The Torta Torinese, Photo: David A. Palmieri
Frittelle di ricotta, Photo: David A. Palmieri


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