33 Greenwich

33 Greenwich is an elegant American style restaurant with an artful nod towards the South. Seasoned restauranteur Danny Volk partnered up with headliner Chef Anne Thornton to deliver southern-inspired flavor to the West Village.

Main Dining Space, Photo: David A Palmieri
Communal Area, Photo: David A Palmieri

Creative direction was provided by Zachary Lynd and Kelly Framel, a powerful fashion-hospitality duo known as Kizmet. Together they departed from the expected New York restaurant scene, curating a space filled with inspiring art reminiscent of a New Orleans townhouse aesthetic. A mural by Kelly Beeman spans the width of the dining space with flare. From hand painted tables to coffered ceilings, details are found on every surface. The space is distinguished by a communal area, a transparent kitchen and bar, and a lively dining room.

Biscuits, Photo:David A Palmieri
Gouda Grits, Photo: David A Palmieri
Baked Oysters, Photo: David A Palmieri

33 Greenwich has everything you could ask for from a southern restaurant but with a lighter take. The New Orleans influence is apparent in the seasoning, cooking approach and ingredients. Be ready to eat because the portions are as good as it gets in the neighborhood. The biscuits will warm you up with their light and fluffy posture complimented by a tasteful buttery spread. Gouda Grits are creamy and perfectly smoked with flavor. Baked Oysters are a great snack to enjoy with a drink at the vibrant bar.

The dry aged meatloaf burger is a standout item, covered in caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, tomato jam, and delicious mushrooms. Its taste is rich and savory enough to keep you coming back for more. 33 Greenwich is also great for large groups with featured suppers for two. The Fried Chicken is a crowd and personal favorite. Make sure to get it for the table if you go with a few friends.

Meatloaf Burger, Photo: David A Palmieri
Fried Chicken for Two, Photo: David A Palmieri
Rotisserie Chicken, Photo: David A Palmieri

Save some room for dessert because all the options are tempting. The Coconut Cake is dressed up with chocolate and will be sure to send you home in wonderful fashion. 33 Greenwich has a great ambiance, food and people. Be sure to give it a shot the next time you are wandering the West Village.

Coconut Cake
Coconut Cake, Photo: David A Palmieri



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