Secrets Akumal – Riviera Maya

Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya is the ultimate luxury destination in Mexico. The resort is beautifully designed and accompanied by spectacular beaches filled with white sand and crystal clear water.

In Mayan, Akumal signifies “place of the turtles”. The town was discovered by scuba divers searching the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Today, it continues to attract many explorers looking to enjoy the vast amounts of sea life along the coast.

Lobby Infinity Pool. Photo: David A Palmieri
Pool Sunset
Sunset at the Infinity Pool, Photo: David A Palmieri
Cohibas & Cabanas. Photo: David A Palmieri

Secrets Akumal is a masterful arrangement of well crafted buildings, stunning pools and ocean views. The resort has a beautiful way of revealing itself over time. Circulation is extremely well thought out, making it quick for anyone to get their bearings down upon arrival. Each step gracefully moves visitors from one beautiful destination to the next.

The architecture is elegant, and in many ways, romantic. You can’t help but feel that love is in the air. You are surrounded by happy people and exceptional staff willing to go the extra mile for you. Details of luxury cover every surface and texture.

Pool Pink
Lagoon Pool. Photo: David A Palmieri
Oceanside Suite. Photo: David A Palmieri
Private Beach Cabanas at Sunset. Photo: David A Palmieri

There are tons of beach, land and water activities to remain active during your stay at the resort. Secrets Akumal does a spectacular job at keeping everyone aware of the day to day activities.’Ultimate Connectivity’, AMResorts  mobile app, brings all the desired information to your fingertips. After downloading it, you can see the full itinerary for each day. On the daily schedule you might find activities such as yoga on the beach, water aerobics, scuba diving and live music. Secrets Akumal has everything you’ve ever wanted from a luxury resort and more.

You also have the opportunity to adventure outside the resort. Secrets Akumal in Riviera Maya is located near all the action. There is an activity for everyone nearby – including deep sea fishing, kayaking, sailing and zip lining. Secrets Akumal’s Unlimited Luxury experience makes for an unparalleled way to enjoy Mexico.

Beach Yoga
Beach Yoga. Photo: David A Palmieri
Pool Aerobics
Pool Aerobics. Photo: David A Palmieri

The romantic aesthetic is consistent from the beach all the way to the bedroom. Secrets Akumal proudly boasts 400+ elegant suites to accommodate every desire of comfort, most of which contain scenic ocean views. The spaces are serene,  embodying  a light and airy feel. Rich materials and color tones are accentuated by textural layering throughout. Light fixtures reinforce this idea and take on a dramatic role in setting the mood.

If you can swing it, be a part of the preferred club – these rooms contain a number of premium features for great value. The gorgeous jacuzzi will undoubtedly grab your attention, even if you aren’t the type to pamper yourself with a bubble bath. Take full advantage of the luxury experience and pop some champagne while you are at it.  If you are too relaxed to dine out, indulge in the extensive 24/7 room service – you won’t be disappointed.

Preferred Club Suite. Photo: David A Palmieri
Preferred Club Jacuzzi & Champagne. Photo: David A Palmieri

If activities aren’t your style, Secrets Akumal has a world-class spa that will elevate your relaxation to a whole new level of luxury. There are a variety of options to choose from to pamper yourself and relax. The Swedish massage is highly recommended.

Courtyard to Spa. Photo: David A Palmieri
Spa Hydrotherapy Grounds. Photo: David A Palmieri

Enjoy the hydrotherapy circuit before or after your massage. The relaxing outdoor space has everything you’d ever need to feel rejuvenated during your retreat. You have the options to step into a sauna, steam room, whirlpool and hydro massage pool. Each are extremely satisfying and essential to this sublime experience.

Spa Circular Courtyard. Photo: David A Palmieri
Spa Hydrotherapy Grounds. Photo: David A Palmieri
Spa Aerial
Spa Aerial. Photo: David A Palmieri

Secrets Akumal  also contains phenomenal dining options with beautiful restaurants, bars and lounges. Not to mention, the finale of Bravo TV’s Top Chef was also filmed at the resort. Stay tuned for subsequent posts about the delicious gourmet food and latest Top Chef Finale Viewing Party.

When planning your trip to Secrets Akumal make sure to use Apple Vacations , one of the most respected companies for booking all-inclusive vacations. Amstar  also provides top notch destination services for getting to and from the airport.


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