The Rolling Stones ‘Exhibitionism’

Exhibitionism, located at the iconic Industria in the West Village, feels like a backstage pass to the lives of The Rolling Stones. The raw art space contains a well curated collection of artifacts and musical experiences, providing a unique perspective on the history of the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band.


Visitors begin with a video overview before entering the notorious Chelsea flat shared by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones. The bachelor pad is reconstructed from the ’60s – filled with instruments, album covers, unwashed dishes and overflowing ash trays. The Rolling Stones came from less-than-humble beginnings and this space really gives you a taste of how they lived.

Edith Grove Flat
Meet The Band

Most of the magic happened in the studio where the band spent hours on hours recording. The exhibit does a wonderful job exposing that process from start to finish, as well as showcasing the beautifully crafted instruments behind the music.

“A lot of the recording was done in the way that Keith likes to work, which is playing it 20 times, and letting it marinate over another 20…”

Meet The Band
Recording Studio
Listening to music.jpg
Music, Lyrics & Guitar Gallery
Album Design & Poster Art

More than half a century of instruments, handwritten lyrics, original artwork, performance costumes and more can be found throughout the exhibit. The second level is focused on the art of the Rolling Stones. Posters and album covers take visitors into the creative world deep within music. The stage design drawings and models are extremely powerful works of art.

The exhibit also showcases the iconic inflated lips designed by John Pasche. He claims the logo was intended to capture the band’s youthful, rebellious attitude, ultimately sticking its tongue out towards authority.

Iconic Logo
Style Fashion Gallery
Backstage Access

The last room depicts the backstage band environment – culminating in an incredible 3D experience of the Rolling Stones playing Satisfaction on tour in 2013.

Even if you are not a Rolling Stones fanatic, Exhibitionism provides enough history and interactive experiences for a thrilling rock ‘n’ roll journey. Make sure to stop by the exhibit before it moves to Chicago on March 13th.


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