Caumsett State Historic Park

Escape the city and head to Caumsett Park, a beautiful tree-lined peninsula stretching out into the Long Island Sound. The park offers miles of scenic vistas and picturesque trails that capture the essence of Fall. Extending for nearly 1500 acres, the land is made up of woodlands, meadows, shoreline and marsh.

Everything traces back to Marshall Field III who inherited his great fortune from his father, the creator of Chicago department stores. The Lloyd neck property  was purchased in the 1920s but today you will find the beautiful estate owned by the State of New York.

Manor House View. Photo:David A Palmieri
Turn.Photo: David A Palmieri
Shoreline. Photo: David A Palmieri
Shoreline. Photo: David A Palmieri
Fall Fire Hydrant. Photo:David A Palmieri
Road. Photo: David A Palmieri
Salt Marsh. Photo: David A Palmieri
Trail of Leaves. Photo:David A Palmieri
Manor House on the Hill. Photo: David A Palmieri
Manor House. Photo: David A Palmieri
Horse. Photo: David A Palmieri

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