Courts by KAWS

Nike’s commitment to the city and it’s community has fostered a series of collaborations with world renown artists. The latest work driven by the campaign New York Made is the colorful courts of Stanton Street by KAWS. Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS, is a brooklyn-based artist that has made a name for himself designing limited edition toys and clothing. This time around the court was his canvas.

“ I like the idea of public art because it reaches people in a casual way, and when they aren’t necessarily looking for it.” -KAWS


The work encompasses two side-by-side full basketball courts as well as 4 carefully composed backboards. It brings the street to life and reveals itself with each and every footstep. The relationship between court and player are continuously defined as a confluence of color, lines, intersections and contrast. When you step away from the work two elmo-inspired silhouettes begin to reveal themself — featuring Donnelly’s trademark crossed out eyes motif. Hopefully Nike continues to surprise us all with more beautiful and inspiring collaborations throughout the city.




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